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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2007 10:49 pm
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   I don't usually like to engage in speculation, because it can be argued endlessly. However, this time I'll give it a go.

   What ASJ was trying to do was destroy Grant's forces before Buell's Army of the Ohio could join him. Buell would then be dealt with later.

   First of all, ASJ was unlucky. He actually wanted to attack much earlier than 6 April. The problems that he had were bad weather and a slowness of his forces to get into the desired positions. However, he still thought that he could do it on 6 April. (Only one division plus of Buell's men were in the area, but more were coming).

   If ASJ had not been wounded, he might have insisted on more vigorous action than was actually taken to push the federals back against the river. He might even have continued after dark, I cannot say. If he could have produced a general rout, the end might have been different. However, once Grant survived the first day, with Buell's men now streaming in, I don't think that ASJ could have won on the second day.

   As for possibly taking command in the east, I have to question whether or not ASJ would have wanted the job. I have no direct knowledge, but ASJ was a westerner. He had been in the Black Hawk War, the Texas Revolution and its aftermath against the Mexicans, the Mexican War, and the expedition against the Mormons. My guess is that his heart was in the west. Whether or not Jefferson Davis could have persuaded him to take the job in the east (If Davis in fact had wanted that) is another question that I can't answer.

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