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 Posted: Sat May 5th, 2007 10:17 pm
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I do like Fort Moltrie .  I have been there .  Edgar Allan Poe was stationed there the short time he was in the military.  Wrote Gold Bug with a setting on the island.

Went out to Fort Sumter the first time I was in Charleston.  So skipped it this last trip.  My friend was to go back there so I will see it again in the fall.  We did the Hunley, the cemetery and Battery Marshall where they sat sail.  Nothing left there . 

Did see the earthworks at Fort Lamar and drove all over Columbia looking at the homes, buidlings, churches as they have been restored.  Even went to Cottontown. 

Also went out to Boykin Mills but somehow we could not find the marker .  That's on my list to do again besides Susan that runs the broom factory is a hoot to talk to and I want to buy another broom. 

Beaufort needs  more time spent there.  We did go to Sheldon Church ruins that Black Jack Logan blew up.  The British had done the same thing in the Revolution.  You guys need to stop storing ammo in your churches. 

I did all the museums too.  Loved the Confederate Relic Room at Columbia. 

I think I spent a great deal of time in Graveyards visiting graves of Generals and Richard Kirkland . 

I will see about the two sites you mentioned.  Put them on my list.



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