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 Posted: Sun May 6th, 2007 03:31 am
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JD this book is pretty much pro Joe.  I have read about Braggs having Davis' ear.    I am glad I talked the book group into read this book although in talking to some of the others they have not read it for various reasons.  Oh well.  I didn't read the book a couple of months ago.  I don't like the author , he is slow sloggy and it was all politics.   Lincoln Douglas Debate.  I had read his other book when I first joined the book group and swore I would never read another one.

Thanks Ole for the input I am amazed that in the days of no modern transportation , telephones , computers etc, that Davis sitting in Richmond thought he knew more than the man in the field about what was going on and was managing the battles everywhere.  That he would just hop on a train and go to the site and just show up to give orders. 

It also amazes me in this Campaign how the Confederates had to travel to get from point a to point b.  Unlike in Virginia . 

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