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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2007 04:25 pm
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Johnny Huma wrote: With some resrvations I am not totally against what the CWPT is doing here..We are getting access to a battlefield we did not have before. I am not sure a bike path is the best idea..For one how about that 75 year old Grandmother who does not ride a bike but would really like to see it all..Or the handicapped person who I am sure is not allowed to take thier wheelchair there..And for the real Civil War historian who does not bike...Are all these bikers Civil War enthusiest...? Are we giving bicycle tours of this area for the general public...? There is where I think my reservations lie, not with having access to this area but for whom this access is for...If we are building this as a bicylce path for the local bicycle club then the CWPT is on the wrong track here..If we are making a path here for the John Q. Public to learn more about this battle and this area is accessable to John Q. Public then we may have a real educational project and not a sporting runway...Is there a walking path their with wayside markers explaining the battle and land features..I do not think we can compare this to Little Round Top that is accessable to all who visit and is directly related to the education of the Battle of Gettysburg..Am I going to be able to hire a tour guide and learn more of this battle..? Too many loose ends I think...



Without a bike path, the 75 year old grandmother STILL wouldn't have access, nor would the person in a wheelchair. With this bike path, there's at least a chance now for a wheelchair-bound person to look around. Bikers aren't always going to be there, but if they are, it sounds like there's enough room to pass.

I'm not sure what you are suggesting here. If you aren't suggesting a road for automobiles, then I have no idea what you could possibly suggest in order to allow everyone the opportunity to visit.


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