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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2007 06:40 am
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   JEJ was indeed unhappy when he found out that Davis had ranked him fourth among the generals. He thought that he should have been first, based on having been appointed the Quartermaster General of the Army (a brigadier general) on 28 June 1860, making him senior to the others. (He was chosen over ASJ, Lee, and C.F. Smith).

   Davis chose to put Cooper first, to make administrative matters easier. For the generals destined for the field, he chose to use their old Army rankings as far as LINE positions went. The QM General was a staff position, and so it didn't count to Davis.

   Davis' enmity with JEJ is said to have gone back to a dispute over a woman in West Point days. A fistfight ensued, and JEJ won.

   Anyway, the link below explains it all very well, and even gets into the Davis-ASJ friendship which we had been discussing on another thread.

   Hopefully, this will go through this time, as so far I haven't been successful at getting it to post.


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