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 Posted: Wed Jun 13th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Art B.

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Greetings LY, 39th MW, and All...

Thanks for the clarification and elucidation. The full story is yet to come out, but I think everyone here is helping show all the angles. It's heartening to hear of a large donation from one person for this project as it lessens the burden of CWPT; however, all donating parties need to receive credit.

Thanks to the Winchester bicyclers who will, in a way, provide custodial and security services to a good degree. I hope the plaques survive retaliation from the 4-wheelers. Perhaps local law enforcement could add the area to their nocturnal patrol list since hikers and riders can do the job in daylight.

CWPT's communication and public relations channels broke down on this one, though. Perhaps they were waiting for the successful, total completion of the entire project before announcing it; perhaps they should have at least hinted that some positive goings-on in Winchester III were progressing and they'll have "film at 11." I would sincerely hope that there was no stipulation in the large-scale donor's "contract" to keep the trails under wraps; sure, if he/she wanted to be anonymous, fine, but let news of the paths be spread across the land. Also, for the Trust to have treated an eye-witness the shameful way they did, that's not going to win any friends to "our" side.

In time we'll "know the rest of the story" [a la Paul Harvey]. Until then, it's time to be grateful for what is being improved and for some of the problems being solved.

Art "On A Bicycle Built For Two" B.

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