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 Posted: Fri Jun 15th, 2007 12:15 am
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OK Javal,

You're officially starting to scare me. In all my Civil War encounters, I've never come across someone else who had ancestors in the 153rd Pennslyvania — or at least admitted to it.

I have no clue where uncle Ed got that regimental. Its very thin, about the size of a notebook tablet. There was a typewritten index card in it that said, 'History of the 153rd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in Civil War. Please handle with tender, loving care.' There was a handwritten note underneath from my aunt that said, 'I think Ed probably got the book at a Clewell reunion.' Cool.

Uncle Ed has been dead about 20 years. Aunt Bea is still alive and kicking and living near Dorney Park, but she has little interest in the Civil War. She is the last relative I have in Pa.

There is a History of the 153rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry published by Butternut and Blue, as a part of its Army of the Potomac Series (1996, ISBN 0-935523-55-3). It is mostly first-person accounts by officers and 'narratives of the comrades' which makes for some interesting if sometimes stilted reading. But the last 52 pages of the book are an exact reprint of the regimental that I have, including the complete roster. You might could find a copy at a NPS bookstore or Civil War show.

I neglected to add in my previous post that there are three more Clewells (spelled correctly) who served in Co. I — Cpl. Lewis Clewell (who has a small narrative in the book and datelined Bethlehem, Pa., which has me even more excited), Pvt. William F. Clewell and Pvt. Samuel Clewell. Lewis and Samuel were both taken prisoner at C-ville, while William was wounded at G-burg. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

After a quick perusal, I couldn't find any narratives from your ancestors in the book.

I checked the blog you sent. My great grandmother is buried in West End Cemetery. More Allentown memories

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