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 Posted: Fri Jun 15th, 2007 12:20 am
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Younglobo wrote

"On the Union side I would like to meet Custer just to slap him for what he did to my ancestors LOL but i guess they already did that"

Hey Younglobo,

I was laughing mfao at that, then remembered - you're Native American, right?  I forgot that.

I had  an incredable experience in the Laural Mountains of PA about three years ago right now, working on the filming of "The War that Made America", a PBS documentary of The French and Indian War.  I was, seriously, working 20-hour-days, and just cat-napping for sleep the whole 7 weeks.

One of the most important things that I took back with me was making good friends with some of "The Natives"  (oh, Dear God, what a terrible joke, please forgive me!), We still exchange cards at Christmastime, and email back and forth. 

Also, got a necklace of (faux) wampum presented to me in a ceremony - wowser!!! - won't forget that as long as I live.  So real looking that when I wear it out, people who recognize what it is act like I am wearing diamonds and fall all over themselves.

Wow, the Native American guys could have been having a great time, because the local girls were so turned-on by having real, live, hot-blooded NA's in there midst that they were like groupies...and those girls were really frustrated that, for the most part, the NA guys were bored with that sort of stuff, and weren't playing into it.

Also, it was really moving, seeing so many committed men from so many different tribes work together to give the best possible interpretation of those long-lost times.

One of the guys I got closest to there had just had a "Hair-Cutting-Off Ceremony" for his son who was killed in Iraq.  So, the make-up poeple had to work with - and around that.

Now, I've hijacked this thread, and I hope everyone forgives me and moves on - but I have been thinking since I recently saw a documentary on Native American's contributions to TWBTS, that we should start a thead about that here.

Darn, Younglobo, I forgot, you are of Native American blood:

Bad Joanie,  no cookie.

(PS, I have 4 dogs, that's how I talk with them when they misbehave.)

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