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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2007 02:28 am
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Sorry, Younglobo,

just got to babbling a bit.

point was, your joke made me split my sides.  As did your second one about Custer's last words.

Just had the first of three back surguries so I can get off pain-meds once and for all, so  - ironically - I'm on more pain meds than ever right now, REALLY down for the count - doesn't make for clear/thinking or writing, I've got to be more careful.

For this PBS documentary "The War that Made America" gig (back before I hurt my back): they had Native Americans from different tribes from all over the US & Canada come in  to re-enact the "Indian" part of the French and Indian War. 

The native "white" Pennsylvanians in the area were awed by by the influx of Native Americans from all over the North American continent, and it turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  

All the reenactors , whether playing French, "Indian", English, or "American" had been relegated to low-budget (money-saving) status, and I was 1/2 of the team that saw to it that were well-feed and other-wise taken care of - which is why I worked so hard that I lost 15 pounds and wandered around in a state of sleep deprivation for 7 weeks.  But all the reenactors were so great, I  LOVED it and would do it again in a heartbeat! 

Now, I will leave talking about it on this thread  (BIG HIJACK) - I would love to send you, personally, some pictures and details from the shoot though.  Will PM you with them, if you don't mind.

Sorry for being in a "stupid fog", I'll emerge soon.... in the meantime, I think I better go hibernate for awhile until I even think that I know what I am talking about....

Back in about 3 days....

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