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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 04:07 am
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"Actually, Ewell's performance up until the end of the first day at Gettysburg was pretty decent, I believe. "

I have a theory that Ewell needed to have a dominent personality in his life.  Jackson fulfilled that early in the war:  later, it was  Early and Ewell's wife, "Mrs. Brown".  (you know that story, right?  Ewell was so overwhelmed by having finally married his Great Love that he would become confused and introduce her by her widowed name, as, "My wife, Mrs. Brown".).

But, This doesn't fit with the younger Ewell.  I have to go back to his service prior to TWBTS, but didn't he take great iniative when he was younger?   Also, he was headstrong enough to believe, and say out-loud, that Thomas Jackson was crazy/insane, before they began working together so well.

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