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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 05:57 am
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OK, I'll just keep replying to my own thread, LOL!

I always think that everyone here at CWi knows as much and pro'bly more than I do. I forget that not everyone is an Army of Northern Virginia addict, like me.  In, fact, I have noticed that many members come from the North, and the West.  And are very knowledgable about those areas, where as I am an ignoramus.  Anyway, thinking everyone knew exactly what I was talking about,  I may have been  unclear when I replied to Pvt. Clewell's observation above:

"Actually, Ewell's performance up until the end of the first day at Gettysburg was pretty decent, I believe. "

I was thinking that everyone here at CWi knew that General Lee had, by many accounts, told Ewell to "take the hill, if practicable".  Then, Ewell consulted with Early, and Early advised Ewell not to, despite many other officers encouraging him to take the hill.  (Hey, one such was General Trimble, who LOST A LEG at G-burg - at about 62 years of age - then lived about another 30 years, I think!). 
And, many historians argue that The Battle of G-Burg was lost on the first day, when Ewell did not "take the hill".   

Thus my observation that Ewell may have needed a dominent personality to help him make decisions.

(In contrast, JBH would so little listen to any of his lessor generals' opinions that, after leaving a meeting that included Cleborne and NB Forrest, where each general there strongly disagreed with JB Hood's plans, NB Forrest exited saying "If you was a whole man, I'd whup you to within and inch of your life".) 

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