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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 04:22 pm
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Theses were very tough men.. Buit I think everyone has their braking point..

Ma'am  you mentioned Hood wqs Moody   4 hours in saddle is one very tiring  to do  8  with  be.. Oh geeze i dont even want to think of it.. plus minus a limb  as high up as his was..    I would be beyond tired. and would sleep for days.   

I know in my profession in which I stand for 6 to 10hrs  a day   some times even more. I am plum worn out  And you talk about being snappy, ill , disgruntel etc   I'll give anyone a run for their moneyl .. 

Btw Ewell Lived in Spring Hill, Tennessee after the war. Kind odd that  Hood and Ewll have  the town  in common as well.

Regards, steven

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