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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2007 05:23 am
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I am trying to branch out from my admitted obsession with The Army of Northern Virginia.  I have favorite books on The ANV that are held together by rubber bands, and that I know so well that that I can just pull the individual leaves out of by memory when I wish to cite them. 

I have researched, bought, and checked out from the Local University Library books on The Army of Tennessee and the Army of the Potomac.  Only to have them languish next to those books on the ANV that I have so determinedly put on the shelf, then continue to pull off again, or add to.  Or, I move to reading about prison camps, my second favorite subject and one that I can read about endlessly. 

It is time to move on, dammit!

So, being a bit mindless & sleepless tonight, and wishing to read something that isn't Too Challenging or Too Familar, I started thinking, "Well, I wish I could read about John Reynolds".  He has all the romanticism and "life's irony"  of a Southern General, but he was determinedly Northern.  In all of TWBTS, he is the one Northern General whom my heart breaks for.

I have often asked Northerners to deal with my unrequited love for The Southern Generals here at CWi.

Now, I wish to listen about The Northern men a bit.  Please tell me a bit about John Reynolds, whom I consider a hugely tragic figure.  Or, recommend biographies.  I think I would really enjoy learning about this man.

For those Northerners whom have been so gracious and kind to me when I endlessly cite The South:  I WILL tell you this:  no one has to sell me on William T. Sherman, he is more than a "pet favorite" of mine; I like and respect him as a man and a general, and that admission has pro'bly caused me to lose, and will continue to make me lose,  a lot respect among the people that I ususally see eye-to-eye with. 

But, I am also surprised  that in the CWi thread about The History Channel's Show on Sherman ("Sherman's March:  Review Discuss the Show) while some person(s) pointed out that Sherman had lived in and supposedly Loved the South, no one mentioned that he had given Joe Johnston such lenient terms of surrender (after Lee's surrender at Appomattox) that he was accused of treason in the major New York Newspapers (as well as throughout Yankee-dom), and his buddy, General Grant, had to come to his rescue, and negate then re-negotiate the tems of surrender with Joe.  Anyway, I never did post much to that thread because there was one incident that I thought so misrepresented Sherman's experience  that I spent about a month researching it, and by that time, the thread was dead (hey that rhymes!) - but he is the only Northern general that I have some real, deep-seated respect for so far, so don't think I am going soft!  OK?  Thanks!


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