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 Posted: Sat Jun 30th, 2007 09:37 am
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Thank you, J Harald 587,

For both the thoughtful and well-organized way that you addressed both the topics we have going on here in this thread!

Once again, I am left with much to think about.

I am wondering, since there are two topics going on in this thread now, should we split off and go to a new thread, maybe discussing if "That Hill" should have taken? 

Or, dare we get brave enough to discuss Gettysburg here at CWi  (in a new thread, of course), with all respect towards each other.

I like to visit one G-Burg discussion Board.  It warns people, "don't sign up or contribute, unless you can keep up with hard-core professionals".

Well, I got to tell you, the thread we just started about Ewell shows that we can keep up with anyone.

But, perhaps it is either too volatile or overwhelming?  Perhaps we could break it down, day by day, or location by location, and talk it out, sharing with each other what we think may have happened?

Or, perhaps we are just bored to death by it all, ROFL...

Thank You,





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