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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2007 01:23 am
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WOW, Joe. That's the best overview of Pipe Creek I've ever seen. However, map 2 didn't come up for me. Pretty good stuff, nevertheless.

Joanie has a good idea: Road trip to Gettysburg!!! (Joe gets to eat Tastykakes again)

Back to business. If Meade is at Pipe Creek, not sure that Lee can march around him to strike Meade's base of supply. Lee is still without Stuart, and besides, Lee likely would have to march 20 miles or so in front of Meade to get around him, given the terrain and the road network. That makes Lee vulnerable to points of attack by Meade, I think. Plus, the more Lee marches, the more his own supply train is stretched.

Not sure that Lee really gets much help from Maryland residents. Didn't help him much in Sept. 1862, either.

(Sidebar: the argument that Lee is without Stuart's cavalry eludes me. Stuart may have been off capturing a wagon train and seeking headlines, but Lee still has substantial, if not reliably proven, cavalry in Beverly Robertson, Grumble Jones, Albert Jenkins and John Imboden. Why aren't they being utilized?)

All of this becomes counterfactual argument, though, since there was, of course, no battle of Pipe Creek. I think Pipe Creek is significant only in the fact that Meade knew he had it as an option, and a fall-back option at that. Once the battle began at Gettysburg, Pipe Creek vanishes. Turns out the ground was pretty decent in Gettysburg, too.

Which brings us back to that hill...

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