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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2007 05:28 am
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I think that I may have a fight on my hands.  And, I think I can rise to the occasion.

I think I may possibly be the only person on this board with leanings toward the South in the Eastern Theatre.  I joined this board because it was heavily weighted towards the West, and The South-Western Theatre breaks my heart so bad that I can barely read about it;  I thought that this board would make The Western Theartre more tolerable for me..... but, I'm on my home turf, now. 

Bring it on......

Actually, I am not laying down such a bad challenge as it sounds.  I'm just guessing that I am the only fan of The Army of Northern Virginia here?  It's hard to stand alone, but I'm ready to dig in my heels....

I still think that we can't go further, productively, without good, solid, well-researched maps...

And once we have them, we shall also have great fun....

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