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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2007 03:38 pm
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Great map Joe. Good article too. I will have to read it completely later. Your map shows just how strong the pipe creek line would have been. anchored on the left to a creek and road (that would have been used to move troops if a flank move was tried. The right was anchored on a road with mountains. This is why Mead made it first choice for a defensive line to stop the ANV. However once it was rejected by his council of war and the decesion was made to hold the line formed at Getysburg pipe creek was striclty a retreat line if necessary.

Joanie. I hope I did not come off as biased toward north or south. With blood kin in the ANV and in blue I try to stay impartial:D. Thanks for the promotion Buck sargent is the best I ever got on my own.

If any one wants to set up a walkabout I hope to be in Gettysburg in October for the Friend's of Gettysbugs muster dates not anounced yet. 

Bottom line on that hill. The CSA troops faced an elevated position, with artillery and well rested veteran infantry support. With or with out the retreating broken infantry that was streaming back without artillery support an assault was bound to fail.

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