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 Posted: Thu Jul 12th, 2007 09:00 pm
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"...and destruction of property as general stradegy would have been utterly against the moral charater of Lee's army at that time."

I must admit I get a bit bemused when I hear of the "moral character" of the South. Would that be the same moral character that burned the town of Chambersburg, PA to the ground after a failed blackmail attempt? Can't help but notice that the people who want to label Sherman a devil seem to have amnesia when it comes to this. Man at war can be a beast - regardless of what corner of the country you're from.

But poor Pvt. Clewell, who is desperately trying to get this thread back to Culp's Hill ;) Here, let me try Pvt.: "Which brings us back to that damn hill again. All this over a little hill..." :D

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