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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 01:16 am
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Nice point, Joe, comparing Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania to Sherman's march. I've often wondered why Lee's was considered righteous but Sherman's was viewed as sinister. I think basically Lee had a better postwar PR department.

Both armies also experienced religious revivals throughout the war, the greatest of which came in the fall of 1863, I think. Confederates alone did not corner the market on faith. Plus, I don't think religion comes into play anyway when you're busy trying to knock the crap out of your enemy.

Thanks, Joe, for trying to reroute this thread. I've been (pant, pant) trying to climb (gasp, pant) this damn hill for two weeks now (pant, pant) and I'm about whipped (collapse).

Anybody up for a thread on Sickles?

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