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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 07:07 pm
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Think of The AotP, under McCellan, who wanted a "gentleman's peace",  vs under Grant, whom wanted an end to the war, period. 

Spot on, Joanie. Even that archvillain, Sherman, early in the war, demanded that his troops respect civilians and their property, and pay for what they took. The situation started changing somewhere around the end of 1862. At that point, advocacy of an end to the war, whatever the means, gained strength.

We sometimes forget that wars are fought on the basis of civilian forebearance. Lincoln, Grant, et al., had another front: fading civilian support. The Confederacy survived longer than reasonable because of a remarkable civilian commitment. (Hence, Sherman's determination to dampen that somewhat.)

Very much appreciate the "at that time." The war went on for very nearly four years and each of the 48 months therein saw changes in military and public perceptions.


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