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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 07:36 am
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Susan Sweet wrote:

"and being half southern should not like him......"

Hmmmmm....I know it surprises a lot of people and has caused an occasional rift with people whom I am usually more in agreement with, but Sherman is actually tied for third position in my personal list of top three favorite generals of TWBTS  -  laughably, I guess, with Nathan Bedford Forrest.  No, I AM serious.  I judge each of my favorites independently and without direct comparison to each other, based on my own personal criteria, and these two men "work" for me.

I can see that I am going to have to triage here:  I don't have time to focus on all the subjects that I would like to.  "That Hill", of course, comes first.  I am going to have to choose between Sickles and Sherman if I wish to contribute to either thread in a meaningful way at this particular time.  Fortunately, none of these threads have expiration dates - at least, none that I am aware of, LOL!

I think that, while I am at the University Library playing with maps this weekend, I shall pick up the book that Ole has recommended.

If anyone can recommend another one or two, I would be grateful.  Then, I shall focus as much as I can, after "That Hill", on Sherman.

Everyone quotes Shermans' hard and heavy, very quotable quotes. 

Here's one for fun.  When asked about his close relationship with Grant (Cump), Sherman replied, "I stood by him when he was drunk; he stood by me when I was crazy; and we've stood by each other ever since."  Great stuff!

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