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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 08:00 am
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General Clewell wrote:

"Joanie is a happy girl. Pipe Creek what? The Confederacy is saved and gets recognized. Seccession now has a precedent, slavery continues for another 30 years or so, and by the 20th century, we're faced with an illegal immigration problem from African Americans crossing the Virginia border".

I would like to make clear that I believe, even if the Battle of Gettysburg had been "won" by the ANV, this would NOT have meant that the South won the war. 

The days of "Waterloo's" - that is, the single, definitive battle, was over. 

This is far too complex for me to get into right now, and certainly a different thread, but as long as the war was not being won by The South in the western theatre, it was not being won, period.

And, "winning" at G-burg, for The South, could have only been measured in degrees: the ANV was not going to stomp The AoP out of existence. 

Even if the ANV had put in a very good showing, once the balance sheets were balanced - well, hey - they would have lost more than they could have afforded to, anyway.  The war simply would have been prolonged, I think.....

Lincoln still would have been re-elected,  I'm almost sure.

But who knows? 

Certainly not me,

Your JoanieReb



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