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 Posted: Sun Jul 15th, 2007 03:08 am
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General Clewell,

I can barely keep up as it is, but I think our exchange here could lead to two interesting threads.

A "lite" one:  What do members envision the world would be like today if the Conferacy had succeeded in seceding, and

If the ANV had "won" (whatever that might constitute) G-Burg, would it have lent support to the western campaigns, and what would be the outcome, there?  I think that with the fall of Vicksburg, it is a moot point, it was over, there, anyway.  But, the western theatre continues to overwhelm me, and I am pretty ignorant in that regard.

I still think that the South's resources were too depleted for a final Confederate victory at this time.  A victory would depend on either the North being too demoralized, or European support, and I honestly do think, victory or no at G-burg, niether would happen, even if it "came close".



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