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 Posted: Sun Jul 15th, 2007 08:07 am
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As far as the sound of the cannon barrage on July 3rd at gettysburg goes, I reenact confederate artillery and I can honestly say even after 5 years of reenacting that I wouldn't really have any better idea about the sound level than a poster here who has never been next to a cannon firing. I can say that we do use lighter loads (we do this for several reasons,safety as well as cost -just ask one of the infantry gents on this board how expensive it is for them and you will get some idea about the cost of artillery-but has nothing really to do with the amount of smoke involved) plus there is no projectile for the powder discharge to push against (many simulate this sound through the use of flower with the powder charge).

As a gunnery sergeant, I am no longer exposed to the level of noise those working the 1 or 2 position on the gun are (the two positions at the sides of the gun who load/worm/wet sponge/dry sponge). Trust me, if you have ever worked a full scale piece at the 1 or 2 and had, say, a napoleon in your section next to you, the sound is incredible. I have never known an artillery reenactor to scold another who was wearing earplugs or paper in their ears because it is farbish.

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