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 Posted: Sun Jul 15th, 2007 08:39 am
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I believe that a decisive battle was still possible during the ACW time period, and that Lee could have defeated the AoP in keeping with battles like Austerlitz. That being said, even if Lee had destroyed the AoP, from a purley military standpoint he would have been much like Hannibal in his invasion of Italy. That is, he would have been too strong for any federal force to challenge, yet too weak to take Washington. He could roam free for a time creating varrying levels of Havok, but to what end?

Yet, perhaps northern support for the war would have collapsed following such a decisive battle? I don't think there is a man alive today, regardless of their knowlede of all aspects of America during this period, who could say what the reaction would have been with any degree of confidence.

As for Sickles, say what you will about the man, but he was a fighter. If his actions at Gettysburg had proved advantageous people would be saying" Thank God Sickles did what he did, and not listen to that idiot Meade. All good officers take the initiative and make moves based on their own discretion at times...". Was he the type of personality I would like to have been closely associated with? Of course not, but why should that make him a bad General?


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