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 Posted: Mon Jul 16th, 2007 12:39 am
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Hot dog, I was hoping a re-enactor/artillerist would respond to this. That's interesting about the partial loads. The two demonstrations I saw were on NPS fields, one near the Mule Shoe in Spotsylvania (where we were relatively close to the piece) and the other near Pitzer's Woods at Gettysburg, and I just figured they wanted to keep the smoke down at an NPS site. Never occured to me that a projectile in the barrel could alter the intensity of the sound.

I would really like to see a live-fire demonstration sometime.

I can only imagine how costly re-enacting is, and is why I don't do it myself. Besides, I'd probably be a loose cannon (so to speak) as a living history guy. I imagine the calvary boys really lay out the big bucks, huh?

In any case, both firings I witnessed were loud enough for me.

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