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 Posted: Thu Jul 19th, 2007 12:59 am
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Another aspect that some who are not familiar with civil war artillery might find interesting is the distinct difference between, say, a napoleon (bronze) and a parrot. This is of course due to the different metals used to cast those guns. I would highly recommend that anyone who has not heard this difference go to a reenactment and experience it for themselves. It has no bearing on the sound level (so long as the bores are of the same general size), but each is very unique.

The bronze tube produces, for lack of a better word, a sort of ring when discharged. The rifled gun, cast in iron, has much more of a rifle "crack" to it. Though I work a rifled piece, I have to say the sound the bronze napoleon (or howitzer) produces is much sweeter to this artillery mans ears.

A little off topic, and not really pertinent to the discussion on a artillery barrage, but again, I thought some might find it interesting.

(note:to compare, one must hear an ACTUAL bronze tube. Because of the extreme cost of casting a gun in bronze, most reproductions of bronze guns like a napaleon one might see at reenactments are really iron coated to look like bronze.)

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