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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2007 03:18 am
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The big question for me, and I've never really found an adequate answer for it, is that Heth took a whole division into town when he wasn't supposed to bring on a general engagement. What's that all about? If it's a reconaissance, even in force, it's overkill. Sounds like he was looking for a fight.

The excuse he was looking for shoes doesn't wash, either, since the Rebs were rummaging in town a few days earlier.

Not sure if it changes much who the Rebs initially put on the front line. They still meet up with Buford's boys, who I think were armed with breech-loading Sharps' carbines, which is significant technology. I think that still buys the Feds time to allow Reynolds and the First Corps (and the Iron Brigade, the best of the best, Ms. Michigan) to arrive on the scene.

Heth's the division commander, I guess it's his call to place his brigades where he wants them. But brigades alternate position in a line of march from day to day so the brigades in the rear one day aren't always eating the dust of those in front the next day. It could be on this particular day, Heth's best brigades just didn't happen to be up front when they deployed.

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