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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2007 04:13 am
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General Clewell,

Very interesting points!

I've come to think about it like this:

Heth was an honorable gentleman.  If he said he went into G-burg to look for shoes, I believe him.  Of course, he was also quite the fighter, and looking for shoes does not preclude looking for a fight at the same time ;):D.  He might not bring on a general engagement, but he wouldn't say "no" if someone else brought one on, and no harm in being prepared, right?

I'm not sure to what extent he expected to find shoes.  But, I'm fairly sure he expected to find a Blue-Belly or two :shock::?.

As for taking a whole division along, well, it certainly does make one wonder, doesn't it? Seems like he expected a little more than a family outing and some bonding time among The Boys.

I guess he didn't expect to find anything as imposing as Buford's calvary - who WERE armed with with the best and newest in the way of guns, and taught to fight on foot as well as on horseback. 

I do think, that if Heth was looking for (or at least preparing for) a fight as well as shoes, he should have put his best feet forward.  But, as you say, perhaps the point is moot.  It still strikes me as one of the many mistakes incurred by The ANV at G-burg.  Kind of a prelude to the many errors to come....

I have the greatest repect for the Iron Brigade.  They were almost as good as The Texas Brigrade, Mr. North Carolina :P:D:D:D;);):).

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