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 Posted: Sat Jul 21st, 2007 04:13 am
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Javal1 wrote:

"YB - you didn't waste anyone's time. Hate to speak for someone else, but I don't think David meant it that way. The thing about forums is that if you say something tongue-in-cheek, or in a light-hearted way, and forget to add an icon (:P), it can seem as if someone's making a smart ass remark when they really don't mean to. "

This is So TRUE! 

Recently, I got confused by a post on the only other board that I belong to, and was hurt, especially since the person whom posted is very well-respected there.  I PM'd him to ask how I had offended him, and he said a very smart thing: 

"Sometimes, the things that we say in our minds fall flat on the board.  We think we know each other, because we interact so much.  We really don't know each other, we wouldn't recognize each other on the street, and very likely wouldn't be drawn to each other if we were in the same room.  We FEEL familar to each other, and this is what our alliance on the board is based on.  But we really DON'T know each other, and are bound to make mistakes that we are completely unaware of making...."

That Guy was trying to make a sympathetic joke to someting that I'd posted, and it didn't work.   I worry about doing this all the time, since I am one of those "SPLAT" put-it-all-out-in-front people. 

On these boards, we should never assume offense or insensitivity unless someone is really getting in our faces - we are, after all, from different states, cultures, backgrounds, friends, and family..... but we are bonded here, on the board, and I am sure don't mean to hurt each other.

That Guy and I now email regularly.  His accidently hurting my feelings on that board led to an interesting discussion in cultural differences, and we have continued it for 5 weeks now....

We realize that a lot of folks don't play trivia, and I'm sure the story you relayed was useful (and entertaining) to them....."

It was VERY entertaining to me!  Thank you, Younglobo!  I joined CWi to play trivia, then got drawn in by the discussion board.  I had to make a choice between the two - and I have not played trivia since then (well, maybe once, but just once)!!!!!

I know a couple of others have made the same decision.  So, we wouldn't know what was there on the trivia board anymore.  Thanks for sharing!

(PS -  Your version was probably better than the trivia version:  Nah-nah-nah, Trivia Question Writers!   (ALERT:  THAT WAS A JOKE.  If you don't believe it, go directly to your basements and await the second coming... of... Hurricane Katrina!)



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