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 Posted: Mon Jul 23rd, 2007 08:40 am
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PVT Clewell,

   You are lucky to have inherited that roster of the 153rd PA from your uncle.

   I have been sitting here wondering how the information from your uncle stacks up against one of my primary sources of information, the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. This database has records of several million participants in the Civil War. It gives names, ranks, units, and histories of all the units.

   In your last posting, you: "Threatened" to do some serious genealogical research into your Civil War ancestors. So, just for fun, I decided to check out how many Clewells that I could find in the system. On the Union side, there were 43 listings. Of course, some are duplicate listings because people used different names and initials, and some served in multiple units. Of the 43 Union listings, 28 served in PA units. I'll list those for you:

NAME/INITIAL                    RANK (S)                      REGIMENT                         CO

Albert A.                               PVT                    153rd PA Inf                                A

Albert N.                               PVT                    153rd PA Inf                                A

Same person. His tombstone illustrated in my previous posting.

Augustus B.                        CPL/SGT              178th PA (Drafted Militia)           H

Christian                              PVT                    132nd PA Inf                              H

Daniel                                  PVT                     129th PA Inf                              C

Daniel (Maybe same)          PVT                      202nd PA Inf                             F

Edward                            3 Cl Musician          6th PA Cav

Edwin                                 PVT                      1st PA (3 mos-1861)                 A

Frank A.                             PVT                       119th PA Inf                             F

Franklin A.  (Same person)PVT                        119th PA Inf                            F

Joseph                              PVT                        47th PA Inf

Joseph (Maybe same)      SGT                        20th PA (Emergency-1863)      F

Joseph L.                         PVT                         132nd PA  Inf                               F

Joseph H.                         PVT                         19th PA Cav                            A/F

Joseph R.                         PVT/CPL                  82nd PA Inf                               E

Joseph R. (Maybe same) PVT                          18th PA (3 mos-1861)               F

Lawrence                        PVT                          129th PA   Inf                                C

Lewis B.                          CPL                           153rd PA  Inf                                I

Richard                            PVT                           2nd PA Cav                              G

Richard (Same person)   PVT                            1st PA Provisional Cav             G

RICHARD L CLEWELL (1819 - 1893) - Find A Grave Memorial

Robert A.                        PVT                           129th PA Inf                             C

Robert A. (Maybe same)PVT/SGT                     202nd PA    Inf                             F

ROBERT A CLEWELL (1833 - 1867) - Find A Grave Memorial

Samuel                          PVT                             153rd PA Inf                              I

Samuel J. (Maybe same)PVT                             198th PA Inf                             N

Sylvester A.                   PVT                             153rd PA Inf                             A

William F.                      PVT                              153rd PA Inf                             I

William H.                     PVT                               153rd PA Inf                            A

William H. (Maybe same)PVT                             178th PA Inf                            H

   On the Confederate side, I also found six listings, though I am sure that there are only two individuals represented in each case with three different names.

A.A. Clewell, AKA Aug., AKA Augustus A. was a PVT in Co. B of the 9th Bn of NC Sharpshooters, and also in Co. E. of the 21st NC Inf.

F.C. Clewell, AKA Frank C. was a PVT in the 1st Reg't,  MO CSA Cav and the 1st/3rd Consolidated MO CSA Cavalry.

  In addition, I found a gravesite of a fellow who died in NC during the war. The tombstone indicates that he was born in PA.

John David Clewell (1805 - 1862) - Find A Grave Memorial

  Here is the link to the CWSS, if you wish to examine it.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

   So- if you ever decide to get serious about investigating these folks, you'll have a good starting point here. History will decide if I have done you a service or an injury.


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