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 Posted: Tue Jul 24th, 2007 11:09 pm
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PVT Clewell,

   I'm afraid that my relatives haven't been involved with the interesting 270 year saga of the Clewell Family in America. In fact, none of my people have been here for much over 100 years. Therefore, I have no Civil War related relatives, and must content myself with finding those of others.

   I am happy to have been a catalyst in helping you to be "introduced" to some of your predecessors, and now also some of your present day relatives. By "knowing" the old ones (at least as well as it is possible to do so), we honor them. Perhaps by reading about some of your relatives, others might be inspired to learn more about their own.

   Every one of us is an accident of history. We are only here because of the decisions and actions of untold thousands of generations gone before, and, in many cases, events that were beyond their control.

   This exercise has had a personal payoff for me. Thanks to Lewis P. Clewell and others, my knowledge of American History has been enhanced. Gaining knowledge is my passion in life. Knowledge makes a man fit company for himself.

PS- Bitte schon.

PPS- There aren't any Clewells in my phone book, either. <g>.

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