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 Posted: Mon Aug 13th, 2007 11:05 am
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Sometimes the smallest things can set me off. This morning is a perfect example. Got up at 3:30am as usual, and began to put up today's news. Couple of great stories, including one of the Cyclorama restoration (be sure to check it out. The cleaning is quite amazing and the Post spread is impressive).

But the one that has me simmering is Linda Wheeler's article in the Post (linda, btw is a discussion board member, though I haven't seen her around for awhile). Anyway, perusing the article, I see this:

Elsewhere in the lab, conservation on other star attractions for the new museum (Gettysburg) is taking place. They include the litter that carried the wounded Lt. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson off the Chancellorsville battlefield...

Um, excuse me, but why the hell is the stretcher which carried Jackson off the Chancellorsville battlefield going to the museum of a battlefield he never came close to? I'm sure the Gettysburg-centric crowd around which Civil War history seems to revolve will proclaim that such an important artifact should go to where it will be seen by the most people. To that I would respond "Bulls**t!". If that's the sort of short-sighted thinking that's going to prevail, then let's just move all Civil War artifacts to "the Burg" and close down all those other pesky Visitor's Centers.

It's really a shame the Chancellorsville doesn't have a visitors center, where an artifact of this magnitude could be displayed to help boost visitation. Oh wait, they do. But it's not...well, GETTYSBURG.

OK, in case you can't tell - this one really "got my goat" ( a saying I never understood, but repeat constantly). Can we please, please start acknowledging that the war did not begin and end at Gettysburg. That other parks, museums and visitor's centers need attention. No doubt the cartel in charge of the Gettysburg Visitors Center fiasco considers this quite a coup. I consider it a disgrace.

I better go have more coffee....

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