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 Posted: Mon Aug 13th, 2007 03:43 pm
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Jeez, Joe,

You got up at 3:30 a.m.? No wonder you're so grumpy.

Besides, I thought the war did end at Gettysburg. (See every post I've ever written here about Gettysburg). ;)

Anything I say after this is pure speculation as to why Jackson's litter is at Gettysburg. I didn't know the litter even existed, which I guess means it hasn't been on display anywhere. To me, the logical place would be the Museum of the Confederacy (M of C), where Jackson's coat the night he was mortally wounded is on display. The M of C, as you know, may eventully end up in Lexington, Va. (durn, Lexington NC would have been the real coup), where Jackson is buried, which would be perfect. I suppose then we have to go to Ellwood and dig up his left arm and re-inter it in Lexington.

I have no clue how the litter ended up in Gettysburg, or who owns it, but possession being what it is, then hurrah for those who have it and will put it on display. At least that's something.

I haven't been to Chancellorsville in a couple years, but the last time I was there, the visitors' center is abysmal. It's small and not very secure. Jackson's actual wounding site, as determined by Krick, is hard by a sewer grate (unless that obscenity has been corrected by now — I don't know). Guiney Station, where Jackson died, is a small, solitary building close to some railroad tracks and very much out of the way.

Granted, other visitors' centers need attention and upgrading, but that costs big bucks. You likely won't get federal funding for that, what with the government being what it is, which means you have to go into the private sector, which is already being hammered by preservationists to raise funds. I just got my 33rd notice (not exaggerating by much) from the Civil War Preservation Trust to help save the Slaughter Pen at Fredericksburg. I'm retired now — I wish I could give, but I can't.

I think you kind of made your point arguing that Gettysburg is the center of the Civil War universe. It's likely the one battlefield that most casual tourists will attend. The Gettysburg Visitors' Center will be new, accessible and funded, and if not the appropriate place to display the litter, at least it's a place where it will be protected and seen. Maybe eventually the M of C can lobby for it in the future. Stuff like that happens.

There's plenty I don't understand. Why is the Wright Flyer in the Smithsonian and not Kitty Hawk? Why is the Declaration of Independence in Washington DC and not Philadelphia? Sometimes, you just have to go with what you got.

I like your idea of bringing ALL Civil War artifacts to Gettysburg, though. :)

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