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 Posted: Mon Aug 13th, 2007 05:26 pm
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Javal I agree with you 100 percent.  It would be much better at a site where Stonewall served.  The museum in the Valley is the VMI Hall of Valour on New Market Battlefield .  It mainly honors the Cadets of New Market and is run by
VMI  Nice museum .  If this is a newly aquired item why not display it at Chancellorsville or Guiena Station.  They are the sites where the litter was used.  By the way Pvt.  the trains tracks being right there at the Shrine is fitting since that is the reason Jackson was taken 26 miles to that site.  He was going to be put on a train and taken to Richmond .  I thought it was fitting to see how close he got to the train as part of visiting that site. 

Just seems to be out of place up in Pennsylvania since he wasn't with Lee then.  Having taught for 30 years and taken kids on field trips and in my travels since run into many kids on field trips at various historical sites.  It is hard enough to explain what happened at a site.  To have to explain this is here but it didn't happen here is not a good thing. 

As to battlefields I understand the importance of Gettysburg but I would much rather visit the other battlefields.  Not so crowded ,easier to get around to see the monuments and walk on the field without bumping into a hoard of people.  I have spent time at Wilson Creek where I was the only person on the whole field it seemed like.  Now it didn't have the impact that Gettysburg did but it is of importance.  I was just at Shiloh in June.  Had the field mostly to myself. 

As to the 3 am getting up?!!!!!! Joe that is the time many a night I am going to bed.  Since retirement the ole night owl in me has really kicked in. 


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