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 Posted: Wed Sep 5th, 2007 03:42 am
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Tr welcome to the board, brought back memories of my visit to Wilson's Creek.  The two times I have been I have pretty much had the fields to myself. 


You mentioned going a middle Tennessee trip.  Get yourself a copy of Eric Jacobson's For Cause & for Country  about the Spring Hills, Franklin battles.  It is outstanding.  Many of us on here read it before we did a muster there this past June.  We had Eric as one of our two tour guides, the other was Tom Cartwright from the Carter House.  Javal came to the last night of the muster. Was such a treat to meet him and Laurie in person. 


There is also a new book out of Shiloh many of us purchased last June also .  I have not gotten to it yet to read, but everyone that has raves about it.  Ted Savas published it , I for the life of me right now can't remember the Author, I think it is Cunningham,  Title is Shiloh  .  Hope that is right Someone help with the author and title .



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