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 Posted: Thu Sep 6th, 2007 04:24 pm
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I guess I'm confused why you are angry about this.  I can understand non- commital as to whether it is good or bad because there is not enough detail yet but why are you absolutely convinced it is bad.  I'm assuming the museum has convinced the areas to fund the cost of the structures for the tax benefits they will bring.  Maybe they are underscoping the costs but in the long run if it is $5M or $10M the community will eventually make it up and more.

The good:  More of the collection will be seen instead of stored and it will get more tourism for the areas as CW visitors linger longer in the area (hotels, stores  and restaurants prosper).

The bad:  Have to travel more to see the entire collection or the particular artifacts you want to see.  Finances not being thought out well enough?  Maybe.

To me the good outweighs the bad and I'm not so sure the finances are not be looked at.  Obviously one community is probably still looking at that aspect of the deal as it won't be announced until later.

I must say this is a much different approach than I had envisioned they were working on, I think it shows some innovative thought that they sure kept it under wraps pretty well.


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