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 Posted: Thu Sep 6th, 2007 10:05 pm
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I think David is on the right track. If the museum were at Appomattox Court House, I would be opposed as I believe it would detract from that site. To have it in PROXIMITY to A C H on the other hand would be an enhancement to both the NPS site and the proposed museum. It is clear thaty cannot stay where they are, the citizens of Lexington were afraid of the word "Confederacy", and it is inconceviable to have a museum of confederate artifacts being called anything else.

It is a radical departure from what I thought they would do, but the more I think about it, 3 museums, each in close proximity to an existing site already drawing visitors, will more than likely cause an increase in interest.... and THAT is the objective.... to get those artifacts where people can see them.  This is one way interest in history is kindled. I made my first visit to Shiloh at age 8 or so and I was hooked for life! I am 60 now and still vividly remember that trip, and can describe a number of displays in the visitors center from that era...

I think it is a leap in the right direction and look forward to seeing it come to pass.

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