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 Posted: Fri Sep 7th, 2007 11:00 pm
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I can't say whether or not there is mismanagement at the MofC, but keep in mind Richmond demographics. The city is nearly 60 percent African-American, which may be one reason why there is a misplaced statute of Arthur Ashe (one of my favorite tennis players) on Monument Boulevard.

Having said that, I imagine almost anything with "Confederate" or "Confederacy" attached to it these days is politically incorrect and won't get much support from city government. It certainly is pretty much that way nationally, why would it be any different in Richmond? It's no surprise to me the MofC is in despair. You don't see much pushing of Richmond as the capital of the Confederacy here as a tourist attraction.

I also suspect much of the crowding issues the MofC suffers with VCU Medical is zoning or ordinance related. And who has the most money and influence between those two institutions to get things done?

Seems to me the MofC can best be served by getting out of town before sundown, and if its survival means three separate locations, so be it.

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