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 Posted: Tue Sep 18th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Just imagine the sound of a battle.As you march forward with your company, you see several puffs of smoke appear in front of you.  Moments later, the bullets begin to hiss and whiz through the air around you.  Several of your buddies to the left and right tumble head over heels, screaming in pain.  Now, the roar of musketry begins to set in.  A constant rumble, like a drum beating out the rhythm of death.  The sound of the bullets flying around sound like little angry bees and the trees begin to splinter and send fragments of sawdust into your eyes.  The smoke is terrible, you can hardly see 50 feet down the line.  You can't hear the commands to fire, but you can hear the screams and cries of the wounded.But now you hear a different sound, the rumble of musketry is overpowered by a deeper roar.  The earth shakes and the trees begin to explode.  Shrapnel flies whizzes by you, killing some and wounding others.  The concussions of the blasts make you want to throw down your musket and plug your ears.  The bullets are now a continual hiss and buzz, they never stop coming.  Some of your friends from childhood die next to you, or they run in fear.  You get the urge to do the same, but you know that if you run you will be humiliated for the rest of your life, however short it may be.  You bring your musket to your shoulder and fire at the first flash of fire that you see.  The whole line has stopped now, everyone is loading and shooting as fast as they can.  Some shoot wildy, hoping to hit anything, but others take their time to aim and score hit after hit.  Slowly, but surely, you gain confidence that the men are prevailing.  Some begin to advance, but are cut down by the thousands of bullets flying through the air, others are tossed ten feet up from an artillery shell, but the boys are not to be stopped.

They finally reach the entrenched enemy on the heights.  A ferious hand-to-hand combat ensues.  You grapple with one man and club him on the head.  The shock of killing a man hits you as hard as your musket butt hit this man's head.  You reel in pain, but you have no time to rest.  Then, the roar begins to die down.  The cannons cease firing, they've retreated.  Same with the rest of the enemy.  The whole line quiets down, then silence reigns once more.  But the silence does not stay for long, soon a yell is heard.  It grows until you and all your friends are yelling and cheering in victory, but there is another sound that drowns out all others, the sound of hundreds of wounded and dying men, lying on the field of battle below.................

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