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 Posted: Thu Feb 23rd, 2006 05:27 pm
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Thanks for the kind words about the John Bell Hood website(s). and   I realize that many Civil Warriors have little admiration for Gen. Hood, but these websites try to tackle the causes of Hood's soiled legacy.  Like all CW commanders, Hood had his faults and made mistakes, but many of his words and deeds have been mischaracterized, and in many cases important credible historical information has been concealed from the general public by biased authors and historians.  The websites provide a lot of pertinent information that may change some open minds.

Gideon Pillow and Sterling Price didn't save Richmond at Gaines' Mill; route Duryee's Zuoaves at Second Manassas; hold Lee's left flank at Miller's Cornfield at Antietam; lose an arm at Gettysburg; lose a leg leading the Confederate breakthrough at the Brotherton Cabin at Chickamauga; hold Atlanta for 45 days; and come within a whisker of bagging Schofield at Spring Hill and then again at Franklin. 

The JB Hood websites honor his service and accomplishments, and provides him a well-deserved defense of his many criticisms and condemnations. 

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