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 Posted: Fri Oct 12th, 2007 07:03 pm
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Hey, I got the "Rebel Forrest" VHS video, with Shelby Foote in it and a lookalike. It was pretty good. From Dixie Gun Works. Hard to find otherwise. Maybe a half hour long. It made me want to read the bio's again! Forrest's story is just so amazing. Each level of detail is so compelling and colorful. The song at the end of the video gave a pretty nice flavor of the color of Forrest, too. I'd say half of the video dealt with the back'n'forth of the Pillow/KKK stuff and a squabble over a statue today. Regrettable, I say! I recall that one oldtime biographer said that Hood's Retreat would be the subject of epic poems---too bad they never happened. Or did they? Anyone know of more obscure publication of NBF materials?

I'd be willing to part with the vid. I have my books! : ) $20 postpaid and it's yours. My paypal address is jeff [at] outyourbackdoor [dot] com. (You could check out my website domain to see my own bonafides. : ) )

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