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 Posted: Fri Oct 12th, 2007 08:09 pm
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You all may say what you will about NBF.  I, a Northern gal, may or may not agree with some of what you say. 

I don't believe that the KKK was formed with the initial intent of harassing former slaves; rather, it was formed to annoy the carpetbagger contingent.  I have also heard from at least two transplanted southerners (of my generation and well-schooled in the "War of Northern Agression" as taught in the South) that it was NOT the initial idea of Forrest, although he certainly went along with it for a time.   The individual who made the initial suggestion had made some offhand remark to the effect that "those people" should be driven out.  I'm not giving you any names, don't get po'd at me.  Just repeating what I heard.  (Whatever that individual asked for, he got.;) )

Tell me though, is it true that the last direct male Forrest (hope that is worded correctly) was also the first American general to die in European combat in WWII?  He made sure that the men with him jumped from the plane first, iirc.


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