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 Posted: Fri Nov 2nd, 2007 04:11 am
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   Lee did not: "dump" his oath because his loyalty to his state was a higher priority to him than the federal government.  He gave over thirty years of faithful service to the US Government. When forced to choose between the US Government and Virginia, he chose Virginia. If he had been: "Machiavellian", as you maintain, he would have accepted command of the Union armies, and been viewed today as one of the greatest US Army generals, instead of a Confederate Army one.

   When he resigned his commission, it was to offer his services to his state, which was not yet a member of the Confederacy. When Virginia seceded, as far as most Virginians were concerned, it ceased to be a part of the United States. It became an : "enemy" because Mr. Lincoln would not allow it to leave peacefully. It would have pleased General Lee much more if he never had to practice the military profession again. I'm sure that he saw no: "benefits" in what transpired for the next four years.

   Both General Lee and General Thomas had a terrible choice to make, for which both knew that there would be a terrible price to pay, no matter what they chose. As I said previously on this thread, I respect both men very much. It is too bad that you do not.


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