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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2007 01:37 pm
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Once again booklover has stated the basic point that Lee was a human with all the normal physical and emotional needs and short commings of us all. The image of the White House privy though realistic is not how I want to think of father Abraham.

Lee was unquestionably a superior military leader, who was able to delegate athority and had subordinates who worked well with his style of leadership. Thank you Bama46 for your list.

However Younglobo at Gettysburg his decesion to hit the Union center was right on for the standard tactics manual for a triangle defense (the fish hook was not heard of untill the 1880s) The theroy was that after hitting both legs of the triangle the center was weakened as reserves were drawn off to meet the threat to the legs. Also the trains and artillary reserve will be more consolidated as the legs are driven in.    I don't have my  reference but some one (from Barksbales bregade I think) actually reported seeing the consolidated trains and the Taneytown Rd. when they broke through the Union lines on day 2. May have been poor intelligence, but would have confirmed that the plan was working.

I also think General Hunt does not get adequate credit for pulling back the US artillary during the pre assault barrage causing the CSA artillary to beleive they had disabled a large number of Union guns that were put back on line once the advance started for the Pickett, Pettigrew, Trimble charge.

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