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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2007 10:46 pm
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ole wrote: Also -
The North had 1.3 million industrial workers, while the South had 110,000. 

I'd read a slightly different comparison. I don't recall the exact numbers, but it was that however many factory workers the south had, the north had that many factories.

All of which only illustrate the impossibility of the job he was appointed to do. It wasn't his fault that southern leaders kicked off a devastating war. Although his ineptitude can be called into the lime-light, he gets far too much blame for the Confederacy's failure.


One would think at first blush that Davis simply had to know how outgunned, outmanned and out "industrialized" the Confederacy was, but I have read many times that he and his compatriots believed with all their hearts and souls that Northerners simply would not fight. Yanks were deemed to be bascially cowardly and would flee from battle at the first adversity. 

In contrast,they believed that Southern men were natural-born fighters of stout heart and unflinching courage...true cavaliers.  In fact, at the start of the war it almost looked as if Southerners were correct in their estimation of Northern fighting spirit.

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