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 Posted: Tue Nov 27th, 2007 03:56 am
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Finished American Creation by Joseph Ellis. An interesting read relating to the period from 1775 to the presidency of Jefferson. Several areas covered in the book were fascinating:

- the founding fathers failure to address the problem of native americans, slavery, the rights of women;
- the argument of states rights arose with Jefferson/Madison. Even 60 to 70 years prior to the civil war, these 2 individuals knew that under the Federalists/Alexander Hamilton/Washington, with their believe of a strong central govt., that slavery would eventually come to an end. Madison, initially, was a proponent of the federalist philosophy. However, he later changed 180 degrees to the anti-federalist or republican view., probably under the influence of Jefferson. Thus their Republican views would strengthen the states, hopefully promoting the southern agrarian/slave holding states.
- the formation of a two party system; Jefferson stated that "the president of the United States will only be president of a party." Rings true today as it did then over 200 years ago.
- Washington's attempt to settle the native american question with the treaty with Alexander McGillivray;
- Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

In my opinion, states rights and slavery are intimately joined together and like siamese twins cannot be separated. Would welcome comments on this intriquing subject.

Doc C

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