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 Posted: Wed Nov 28th, 2007 05:19 pm
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Comparing states rights in 1787 and states’ rights in 1860 is almost impossible.

Much of the states’ rights issues in 1787 revolved the issues dividing the big and the small states. Virginia and New York on one side and Delaware and New Jersey, et al, on the other.

The Constitution as ratified was a compromise between the big-state-favoring ‘Virginia Plan’ and the smaller-state-leaning ‘New Jersey Plan’.

It’s no coincidence that the small states tended to ratify easily and early and the larger states last and with less unity; the large states felt they were giving up more than their fair share.

For the next 65 years the states’ rights umbrella was used by a number of states to covering a number of issues. By 1860, though, only southern states were holding the umbrella and slavery was far and away the issue being protected.

For a model of causes of the Civil War, look to Kansas. A review of issues and events from 1854 on, reveals the main cause of the Civil War. Hint: they were not fighting over tariffs…


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