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 Posted: Thu Nov 29th, 2007 03:46 am
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   Along with your free 14 day membership in, maybe you can use these for free.  :D


Online World War II Indexes & Records - WWII

  Or this: (See: "Whats New.")-

World War II Records

  Or this: More on NARA-

WikiAnswers - How can you find information on a World War 2 veteran

  Good luck with your search.

  I knew many of my predecessors in the WW II generation, and even served with a few of them. About 20% of those who served in WW II still survive. Those that I knew are gone now. They were the greatest. I regret their passing.

  It must have been the same for those watching the Civil War generation go down. In 1890, the GAR had almost half a million members. What fun it would have been to hear the stories that they told in those days.

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