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 Posted: Mon Dec 3rd, 2007 01:40 pm
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Helped Lincoln to raise an army, exite passions... good lord does everyone conveniently forget Mr Davis calling for 100,000 troops at a point when Lincoln had called for none? 75,000 troops called up AFTER FT Sumter was fired upon. Why does everyone conveniently forget seizing arsenals, ships, mints, forts etc? The CS wanted war, and they got it. They needed war to drag the other slave states into the CS. Were Secession commisioners sent to Illinois or Iowa? No, and why? Because those were not slaveholding states.

Look out west & elsewhere in the CS, CS forces were priming for War well before FT Sumter was fired upon.

Lincoln & the US the aggressor? Please, that fails to hold water upon even the laziest research.

Why was the war fought in the South... you beat the hell out of the enemy in his backyard, not yours.

The ACW is merely one more bit of proof that wars are not won my ythe most competant army but by the least incompetant. From logistics to stategic direction the CS was a dismal failure w/ but two shining stars: the fighting man and R.E. Lee and neither were enough to overcome the incompetance of their govt.

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